How to make your hair become shiny

It is common for people to Stay up late, face PC for long time and Dye the hair often. It will make your hair become dry, split, or even shedding. How to make your hair become shiny? This is three methods to follow.

1. Wash your hair with the warm water

Some people like to wash hair with hot water, that can let you feel refreshing, but it will damage the sebum of hair, so it is best to do it with warm water, which temperature is about 40 degrees, And massage your head with the hand when washing hair in a few minutes; it can promote blood circulation of head.

2. Using suitable shampoo

You should pay more attention to the shampoo which including silicon ketenes. Because silicon ketenes Contains diethyl silicone, diethyl silicone ring. That makes the hair to form a thin film on surface, so looking plump, but not greasy. It is so important to Use suitable shampoo according to your hair.

3. Easy hurt hair with dryer

If you blow your hair by a dryer often, that will lead to hair shedding, No matter it is thin or thick, virgin hair is very sensitive to be heated, we suggested you to use the no heat air, and using hair conditioner to protect it before blowing.

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